Why do we need your fingerprints?

As you know, everyone who enters the United States is fingerprinted. The same thing happened when you arrived at the United States border. You were arrested, they registered you and they took your fingerprints. For this reason, in order to start searching for your children, we need a copy of your fingerprints.


1.Print Fingerprints form on a white sheet of paper.
If you do not have a printer, you can use a blank letter-size paper as shown in video.

2. Print your full name
Example: Jose Luis Lopez Martinez

3. Write the date you fill this form: day-month-year.
Example: September 25, 2018

4. Print your fingerprints. You must use an ink cushion like those used in post offices, stationery stores and pharmacies. You must do it for the 5 fingers of your right hand and the 5 fingers of your left hand.

5. Make sure that the prints do not appear smudgy; the details should visible. If it is not, you must start over.

6. Take a picture of the sheet showing your fingerprints using your cell phone camera. It has to be well lit and you must hold the camera steady. Take about 5 pictures in a row. Select the best picture.

7. Check the photos to make sure that the prints can be seen in detail.

8. Upload the photo unto the form where it says LOAD FINGERPRINTS.

9. Check:  “
10. Don’t forger to select SUBMIT FORM